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of KSK rugby team

A long time ago, in the 60s of the last century, when rugby just came to Ukraine, sportsmen came to rugby from other sports: athletes (sprinters and throwers), wrestlers, basketball players. Over the years, training experience has shown that it is time to train "pure" rugby players, gradually developing their comprehensive qualities as a rugby player. As always, the number one problem was the children's coaching staff!


The team's birthday is March 10, 2014, when the first training and acquaintance with the basics of rugby took place. In the first month, 38 children were examined. And in the future, unfortunately, only three of them remained to train, but they were the best! The search for promising boys in Irpin, in schools of Sviatoshynskyi district of Kyiv, is ongoing. Already one year after the start of training, the boys who joined the team mastered the needed physical, moral, and game qualities. Our first steps after a successful training camp in Kremenets, Ternopil region, were not easy. We brought our first prize from Ivano-Frankivsk and the first success in the autumn championship of Kyiv among children aged 10-11. In the following years in the capital, we regularly became winners of city championships.

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