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Final round of the Major League

The final round of the Top League in Rugby-7 took place in Irpen on September 19, 2021.

As we mentioned earlier, the men's team of KSK-CYSS Irpen, consisting of the young people of the Youth Sports School (multiple champions of Ukraine in various children's, youth and junior competitions) and two experienced players: Vitaly Krasnodemsky and Eugeniy Glushkov in the season of 2021 made their debut in the Top League of the Championship Of Ukraine in rugby-7 among men's teams.

Having successfully passed the first round of the competition (having won all the games), preparations for the final round proceeded progressively. Trainings, a successful fruitful summer camp, healthy ambitions of the debutants ...

Our young promising team set goals to win the Top League and get the right to play in the Super League!!

Our rivals were in a fighting mood! Eight teams participated in two subgroups.

They wanted to show the newcomers their place in the table of ranks... But we are not worse than them!!!

Here are the results of the final games:

  1. Trinity (Uzhgorod) 35-7 (first half 21-7)

  2. Ivano-Frankivsk 29-7 (12-7)

  3. TECH AS (Kharkiv) 39-0 (17-0)

  4. Representative team of Odessa (Leaders) 17-0 (5-0) a game for the 1st place

Score Ratio: 120-14.

Attempts were made by 11 players.

Thanks to the financial and moral support of our sponsors, we were able to maintain the fighting spirit in the team, the desire to win, and, as a result, we achieved the title of Champions of Ukraine in rugby-7 among men's teams!

Our road to success took 7,5 years! Hats off to our young men! Our deepest gratitude to the tireles coaches Leonid Vladimirovich Denbnovetskiy, his faithful assistant Sergei Mikhailovich Ravlyuk, and the most experienced playing coach Vitaly Krasnodemskiy.

The season has ended successfully! New achievements are ahead! We believe in the success and support of our team by our friends and loyal fans!


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