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A training camp for the Championship of Ukraine

A training camp in preparation for the Championship of Ukraine - Transcarpathia, Ploske village, Svalyava district, July 28 -August 12. 36 players from the team.

Three training sessions every day. We lived in spartan conditions: 7-8 people in local school classrooms and outside showers. We regularly attended the pool of the neighboring sanatorium. We visited an interesting educational tour about the history of Transcarpathia: the line of defense of the Carpathians, which was located in deep galleries, firing points, brought to the tops of the mountains. These fortifications were built in the early twentieth century by Hungarian military builders. The guys really liked the interesting story of an experienced guide and the tour of the museum.

At the village stadium, we trained new combinations, worked a lot on functional training. And, of course, had very tasty steamed milk in the evening before going to bed, without which we can no longer imagine the training camp! We are ready for the final games!


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