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International tournament, Siauliai, Lithuania

International tournament, Siauliai, Lithuania, November 8-10

Game results:

Riga (Latvia) - 17:5 (5:0);

Kyiv-Darnytsia (Ukraine) - 24:3 (12:0);

Siauliai (Lithuania) - 27:5 (10:0);

KSK-CYSS Irpin won the tournament!

With joy we were coming back home with a victory... but the disaster was near: The sudden death of our physical training coach Yevhen Fedorovich Grabovetsky happened on the way out of Siauliai - a massive heart attack... Unfortunately, you do not know where death will catch up with you... Our friend's funeral took place in Kyiv. We remembered Yevhen Fedorovich. We will never forget what he did for the team, his kindness and cheerful disposition... The 2019 season ended with a sad event.


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