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International tournament "Zlata Praha", for boys born in 2002-2003

International tournament "Zlata Praha", for boys born in 2002-2003 - Prague, Czech Republic.

April 8-9; 16 participants in our age group: Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Russia, Lithuania. 4 subgroups of 4 teams.

The first game of the tournament was with the hosts team "Slavia" from Prague. While our players looked closely at the opponents (after all, it was our first trip abroad!) and were getting used to the unusually large playing field, we missed two attempts ... And, despite all efforts, could not win back (in this age group, games have two halves, 10 minutes each). The score was 0:10. Then the boys calmed down and won 2 games against other Czech teams, taking 2nd place in their subgroup. The next games were with the teams that took 2nd place in other subgroups. Despite the fact that we beat the teams of Vilnius (Lithuania), Kaliningrad (Russia) and Dusseldorf (Germany), our team got only fifth place. ... It's a pity ... The experience that the team gained in the first international tournament turned out to be very useful and instructive for us! The cultural program of the trip was also extensive: excursion to Prague, a trip to Dresden (Germany) to the famous art gallery, a tour of the city, the Armory. We begin to study the beauty of the world!


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