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Preparing for the 2016 season

The team begins preparations for the 2016 season on December 16. We will play at the age group of 2003-2004 (12-13 years). This means that our leaders Kolya Karasevich, Bohdan Nesenenko, Dima Pokotylo, Platon Zernetsky will not be able to play. We will have to restructure the training process: increase individual speed, improve technique, increase support density, work on grips. And, most importantly, to find new leaders in this age group.

Trainings are without failures, attendance is almost 100%! This became possible after the parent meeting, where the current tasks were set and methods for solving them were considered. A parent committee was elected, which provided a lot of help to both the boys and the coaching staff in encouraging players to work, monitoring school performance, discipline and communication culture.


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